Reducing Inflammation

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Exercising with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) will increase the patients heart rate while breathing in large amounts of oxygen to improve the cellular oxygen utilization in tissues.  The patient will receive five times or more the amount of oxygen as they normally would while exercising, creating a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-acidic effect within the body and improving their cellular metabolic energy state.

Studies show that increased oxygen provided during a 15 minute EWOT session will dramatically improve microcirculation within the endothelium, decreasing dangerous inflammation which is present in almost all chronic diseases. The body will then be able to better clear metabolic wastes (lactic acid) and alkalize tissues reducing acicity.  Increased oxygenation will help to heal the damaged endothelial cells within the arteries and vessels, which in turn reduces inflammation.

A capillary that has been narrowed by oxygen deficiency through disease such as stress, pain, old age, or sickness, can be reenlarged be EWOT. Resolved inflammation within the tissue allows more oxygen into the cells, favoring aerobic metabolic pathways which multiplies cellular ATP or cellular energy.  This increase in the body's energy status promotes a healthier state.

EWOT benefits include reducing inflammation in the body, starting with the vascular system and joints.

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Reduce inflammation in one session of 15 minutes!